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You CAN sing! Singing can be daunting and scary.  It means sharing a very personal part of you.  It helps to have someone 'in your corner' giving you pointers on what is working for you and suggestions on how to make singing easier and more enjoyable.  In my voice lessons we find the best parts of your voice and we build them up and expand on them.  We don't judge or harshly criticize.  Singing should be a joyful experience and a creative way to express yourself.  I repeat, you CAN sing!  We just need to find the way to make it as easy as possible.  Most students see a difference right from the first lesson.  Here are some of the benefits that you may encounter from taking voice lessons:
    -Better tone quality
    -Increased projection
    -Increased ability to hold notes (breath control)
    -Expanded range, both lower and higher
    -Increased vocal stamina (you don't get hoarse)
    -Better overall appearance while singing (good posture, relaxed face, etc.)
    -More confident and artistic presentation of songs
Weather you are just trying to belt out some karaoke with your friends or you want to start getting involved with local theatres or religious music groups, there are so many benefits to taking voice lessons.  I am happy to speak with you about concerns and questions.

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A great classical foundation can take you through any style of music.  You can sing the music you love and learn how to sing in a healthy way that will build your stamina, consistency of tone, and range. 

Stephanie Horowitz offers voice lessons on Long Island for beginning singers up to emerging professionals. 

Singing should be as easy and natural as possible.  Most of the technique for singing comes from things that we already do in daily life, but are not paying attention. Once we get in touch with these things we can incorporate them as habits.  Then, while performing, you are free to focus on other things like the meaning of the song, the artistic choices, or the fact that your costume is slowly coming undone.  (I speak only from experience)  Though never predictable, singing should be joyful and serve a means of self expression and self awareness.

My studio is located in southern Nassau County, Long Island.  My rates are very competitive and my policies are listed here.  Please feel free to contact me with any questions! 

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You have chosen, as have I, to make singing a part of your life.  You might have studied in the past or you have honed your own skills to the point where it is time to get some professional guidance.  Either way, taking singing lessons will help you 'kick it up a notch' to say the least.  We will take the skills and talents that you have acquired and expand upon them to really help you shine in your own individual way. 
You can expect some, many, or all of these benefits:
    -Increased breath capacity (longer phrases, more control)
    -Increased vocal stamina (Sing for longer without vocal fatigue)                                       -Increased flexibility and agility                                         
    -Warmer, more honest and consistent tone                        
    -More focus in the middle voice and ease in the extremes                                            
    -More freedom in the body                                                  
    -Better overall appearance while singing​                            
    -More confident interpretations of songs   

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Stephanie Horowitz-Mulry holds a Masters Degree from the New England Conservatory of music in Boston, MA and a Bachelor’s Degree in Music  from SUNY Potsdam’s Crane School of Music.
​Stephanie is a professional singer in the field of classical, musical theatre, jazz, and commercial music..

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