Stephanie Horowitz


Falmouth Jewish Congregation, 2014

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​"Stephanie Horowitz is a dynamic soprano whose expansive repertoire ranges from jazz and Broadway to opera."

Nite Life
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 "There were...some very promising singers who possessed qualities I liked very much ... Stephanie Horowitz is a funny lady, with a big personality, who made me laugh.  She was personable, her patter was great[,] and she did the song, "A Summer in Ohio" (also by Brown) from The Last Five Years.  This is a great song for her..."

The Fourth Wall
"...Stephanie Horowitz offered a lovely and fresh take on some opera classics."

Boston Globe- March 14th, 2005

NEC offers sweet, spirited 'Cendrillon'
" Stephanie Horowitz and Sarah Austin had fun as the wicked stepsisters, twirling their pearls, eating chocolates, and checking their teeth for lipstick stains. "


Long Island Herald- April 2017